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Got Brains?

The first escape room for KIDS! Now in beta testing!!!

PRIVACY POLICY: We take your privacy as seriously as you do. But we also want to keep things simple. The only information we collect is your name and your email. And this only occurs if you come and do a room. And we will use that email address for two things: 1) sending you your team photo after you complete your room; and 2) occasional emails from Escape Corvallis, telling you about special offers, new rooms, etc. No more than 1 per week, because I have other things to do with my time, and usually less than 1 per month. I truly do not care about collecting any other data on you. Even if other data are somehow collected (like if you interact with us on Facebook, I'm sure Zuck tracks your every click, stare and swipe), we don't want it, we won't look at it, we won't sell it, trade it, or offer it up on Etsy. I'm just trying to run a very small business and make a living :-)

Happy Hour

​​The Repository of Extraordinary Challenges is steampunk-infused, with oaky overtones and a hint of jasmine. Our most immersive room is also our most challenging! Do you have what it takes to escape?

4-8 people                         60 minutes

Your group has been separated, and half are stuck in a dive bar, the other half in a cheesy casino. First you have to figure out how to reunite. But you can't celebrate just do that, you need to unlock the drinks and cups. If you can't manage this in 60 minutes, you'll be trapped in a Happy Hour from hell...

​4-14 people                         60 minutes

Kids Room To-Be-Named

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Looking for an escape in these trying times? Escape Corvallis provides an immersive, fun, challenging set of puzzles designed to foster teamwork, to make you think and - most of all - to have fun. We provide an out-of-the-ordinary experience, great for birthdays, family milestones, girls' night out - but really, you don't need a reason! Locally owned and designed, with a free-range, organic staff, we specialize in providing a great experience.

There's been a zombie outbreak, and you have 1 hour to obtain the vaccine. The scientists who created it did not make it easy. If you're too slow, then say hello to an un-dead life of brain eating. If you're successful, you join the pantheon of the few, the proud who have...Escaped Corvallis! (And we are now allowing groups as small as 2 to test their luck!)

​2-8 people                         60 minutes

REC Room

Our Local Partners - THANK YOU!

Spy's Safehouse

About Escape Corvallis

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You can now pre-purchase an Escape Corvallis t-shirt! You have the option to buy when booking a room, or when buying a voucher. Prices are discounted from on-site price!! 

T-shirts for sale!

You and your group have infiltrated the safehouse of a famous Russian spy. He has hidden a USB drive that will disastrously affect the US presidential elections. You have 60 minutes to find it before he returns to terminate you!

​4-8 people                                60 minutes

We are thrilled to soon offer the first escape room designed expressly for kids (ages 6-10). The puzzles are (hopefully!) more on their level, the decor is kid-friendly, and the best part - when they 'escape', they enter a second 'party room', perfect for celebrating! This second room has games and activities for kids, and you can even re-watch your performance in the escape room on a large screen. (Or you can stream a show or movie, if you'd like...). 

4-8 kids        ~ 30 minutes for escape room, then 60-75 minutes in party room