Happy Hour

​​The Repository of Extraordinary Challenges is steampunk-infused, with oaky overtones and a hint of jasmine. Our most immersive room is also our most challenging! Do you have what it takes to escape?

4-8 people                         60 minutes

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Dialed In

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A great intro to escape rooms if you've never done one, Dialed In still has some devious surprises for you. Great for a couple or small groups, this is also our shortest and easiest (and lowest priced) room. (This room is NOT eligible for the student discount)

2-6 people                           40 minutes

Your group has been separated, and half are stuck in a dive bar, the other half in a cheesy casino. First you have to figure out how to reunite. Then you need to figure out how to escape before time runs out and you are trapped in a Happy Hour from hell...

​4-14 people                         60 minutes

REC Room

You can now pre-purchase an Escape Corvallis t-shirt! You have the option to buy when booking a room, or when buying a voucher. Prices are discounted from on-site price!! 

There's been a zombie outbreak, and you have 1 hour to obtain the vaccine. The scientists who created it did not make it easy. If you're too slow, then say hello to an un-dead life of brain eating. If you're successful, you join the pantheon of the few, the proud who have...Escaped Corvallis!

​4-8 people                         60 minutes

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Got Brains?

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Spy's Safehouse

You and your group have infiltrated the safehouse of a famous Russian spy. He has hidden a USB drive that will disastrously affect the US presidential elections. You have 60 minutes to find it before he returns to terminate you!

​4-8 people                                60 minutes

Looking for an escape in these trying times? Escape Corvallis provides an immersive, fun, challenging set of puzzles designed to foster teamwork, to make you think and - most of all - to have fun. We provide an out-of-the-ordinary experience, great for birthdays, family milestones, girls' night out - but really, you don't need a reason! Locally owned and designed, with a free-range, organic staff, we specialize in providing a great experience.

About Escape Corvallis

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