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Kids Room

What is an escape room?

Let's start with what an escape room is NOT. It is not something that requires a high IQ. It is not just for people who like puzzles. It is not something where you compete against each other. It is not something that is boring, passive or ordinary.

So what are escape rooms? They are an amazingly fun, immersive, social ​​experience that has you and your group working together to solve various puzzles and challenges. You don't need any outside knowledge or skills, but you do need a desire to think a little bit outside the box. Each room provides a unique set of challenges, and you will often find yourself scratching your head wondering, "How did they do that?"

Escape Corvallis provides a well-designed experience that fosters teamwork, takes you out of your daily routine, and maybe gives you the chance to be the hero for your group. We provide a distinctive event that is great for birthdays, family milestones, girls' night out - but really, you don't need a reason! Locally (and veteran) owned and designed, with a free-range, organic staff, we thank you for considering us for your next adventure!

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Got Brains?

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The Repository of Extraordinary Challenges (REC) room is steampunk-infused, with oaky overtones and a hint of jasmine. Our most immersive room is also our most challenging! 

​Difficulty: 9/10                                                                                Players: 2*-8

(* would be EXTREMELY difficult with just 2)


​There's been a zombie outbreak, and you have 60 minutes to get your hands on the vaccine. The scientists who created it did not make it easy. Got Brains? is a great introduction to escape rooms if you've never done one.  

​Difficulty: 5/10                                                                             Players: 2-6


Our newest room, Happy Hour is great fun especially for larger groups. You and your friends went out for a night of fun, but somehow you were separated, with half of you trapped in a dive bar, and half trapped in a cheesy casino. One hour to find the elixir that will let you escape!

​Difficulty: 7-8/10                                                                            Players: 4-12


​The Kids room is specially designed for kids aged 6-10. Puzzles are more appropriate to this developmental level, and after solving the final puzzle, they 'escape' into a game / party room suitable for you to have a birthday celebration, or just hang out and play games together.

​Fun level: 10/10                                                                 Kids: 4-8 (+1-2 adults)