Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

While we appreciate that you, your family and friends have been aching for an escape for the last 2 months or so, we also know that there will be a lot of anxiety and uncertainty over the "new normal" once businesses start to re-open. We're going to do everything that is reasonable to reduce the risk to our staff and to you. But there is NO SUCH THING AS ZERO RISK - aside from living in a bubble. However, we can REDUCE OUR RISK by doing some common-sense things...

1. ALL customers (and our staff) will be REQUIRED to wear a mask (covering your mouth and nose) the entire time you are in the building. Leave your political statements at home - NO MASK, NO PLAY, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. We clean our rooms every time we run a room, including using a UV-C light and a bleach solution on all hard surfaces. And we have expanded WHAT we clean, HOW we clean, and how OFTEN we clean. But let's get real...cleaning every single item and surface is not only not realistic or practical, it's also not going to eliminate your chance of getting exposed to any virus or bacterium. That is simply not possible. But you can reduce your individual risk. The biggest thing you can do to reduce your risk is WASH YOUR HANDS and DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE, EYES or MOUTH until you WASH YOUR HANDS. Don't go around the room licking things. Just sayin'.

3. We will have some form of hand sanitizer / cleaner in our lobby and in each room. We will encourage you to use this upon entering the facility, and we will encourage you to use these as needed once you are in your room. We will then require you to use it just before you leave the building. 

4. For the foreseeable future, ALL booked rooms will automatically be PRIVATE EVENTS. This means that the only people in your room will be you and those you booked with. This also means that your ENTIRE GROUP will need to book AT THE SAME TIME, under the one person who will handle the booking. The reason is because, once the room is booked and then gets blocked as a "Private Event", no one else will even see the room, and therefore cannot add themselves to it. So please be prepared to book EVERYONE at one time.

5. We will also limit our group size to a maximum of 8 in the Spy room (down from 10). The Dialed In will remain at 6, and the Got Brains room will remain at 8. The new, as-yet-unnamed steampunk-themed room will have a limit of likely 6 to start with. (See our New Room page for more info on that!)

6. When we are first allowed to re-open, we will adjust our room schedules so that no group will cross paths with any other group. We ask in advance for your understanding and patience if, when you arrive, we ask you to wait in our parking lot for a few minutes if needed so that you are not exposed to other people.

7. We are checking the temperature of all customers as they arrive (via a no-touch forehead scanner). If you have a fever, as defined by the CDC (100.4 F or greater), you will not be permitted entry to Escape Corvallis. (We will refund your admission or credit you for a later date.) The rest of the party can still attend, assuming they do not have a fever.

8. We STRONGLY encourage you to book your group only with household members, or with people you have already been exposed to. Don't make the escape room time for a reunion of people you haven't seen in 2 years...

‚Äč9. The virus, from what we know at this time, is transmitted via respiratory droplets, so the mask (see #1 above) will help greatly reduce the number of droplets you emit while in your room. But there is no guarantee here, folks - so please don't expect that you can go ANYWHERE in this world and have zero risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria. The best thing you can do right now is WASH YOUR HANDS and DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE until you WASH YOUR HANDS. 

I know some of these changes will be cumbersome, annoying or frustrating. But these are strange times we're in right now, so please bear with us and consider the greater good. Americans are great about going on about all their freedoms, but remember - with freedom comes great responsibility. Right now, let's all show a little patience, a little sense of the 'greater good'.

And most importantly, let's see you all come out for a MUCH-NEEDED Escape from the last two months!! #escapereality #covidsucks #wearthemask #timeforsomefun #thingswillgetbetter #escapecorvallis

Escape Corvallis