Discounts & Refunds: The Details

Effective January 7, 2024:

We may occasionally offer special deals and discounts, usually advertised on our social media feeds and here on the Home page of the website.  In all cases, discounts may never be combined, stacked, applied in series, etc., nor may the discount be used to purchase gift vouchers. To use a discount, follow the steps below.

1. Go to our Reservations page, and scroll down to where it has a box for entering a PROMO CODE.

2. Enter the discount code, and the discount will be applied automagically.

3. Show up the day of your room and have an incredible amount of fun!

4. If your booking was paid for using an Escape Corvallis Gift Voucher, you will NOT get a cash refund on that, but you will get the appropriate credit to be used on future bookings at Escape Corvallis.

5. There may be times where you are eligible for a refund of some amount of your purchase (for example, with our new "Spin the Wheel" in our lobby, you might win up to 25% off your booking). These types of refunds are typically done on the 1st or 2nd of each month, when I do payroll. So it could take up to 35 days for you to get your refund - thank you for your patience and understanding!

6. Escape Corvallis reserves the right to modify, amend or cease this program at any time.

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