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Discounts - The Details...

Effective March 1, 2023:

OSU and/or LBCC students MUST  present a valid student ID in order to receive the 20% student discount. EACH PERSON must present a student ID card in order to get the discount. 
We are limiting this discount to students who are 23 and under. You may be required to show proof of age. This is not age discrimination, so calm down, all you 'Karens' out there. This is price discrimination, which is legal and valid. It's no different than giving senior citizens a discount. Follow the steps below.

High school and middle/grade school students will still be eligible for our "regular" 20% discount, by following the steps below (no coupons are needed).

For other discounts that may be offered periodically, the same process below shall apply.

1. Book the room at regular price, for all your participants.

2. For OSU / LBCC students: bring your student ID as noted above, and request your discount.

    For high school / middle / grade school students: bring your VALID student ID, or pull up your Canvas account or similar (these steps are NOT necessary if you clearly look to be under age 16), and kindly ask for your discount.

​    For all other discounts: request the discount when you show up in the lobby.

In all cases, you must request it, we will not assume you want a discount...

3. Our staff will verify the ID (as applicable), and then the appropriate amount will be refunded via your original payment method, within 30 days. (Typically it will done at the beginning of the month when I do payroll, but please allow me up to 30 days before you start sending me's hard juggling 47 plates at once. Thanks for your understanding!)

4. If your booking was paid for using an Escape Corvallis Gift Voucher, you will NOT get a cash refund on that, but you will get the appropriate credit to be used on future bookings at Escape Corvallis.

5. This discount may not be combined with any other offers, specials, promos, etc. Nor may it be used to purchase Escape Corvallis gift vouchers or Escape Corvallis "escape club" memberships. In fact, none of our discounts, offers or specials may ever be combined. (We're trying to actually stay in business, here...)

6. Escape Corvallis reserves the right to modify, amend or cease this program at any time.

​If you do not have your ID with you on the day of your room (to verify age), the discount WILL NOT be applied. And we don't have the capacity / staffing to have you come back another day with your ID or coupon, sorry.