Escape Corvallis Escape Club Membership

1. The yearly membership fee is $150 per person as of June 2022. Membership begins on the day you sign up and pay, and ends at the end of the calendar month on your renewal date. For example, you sign up September 15, 2021. Your membership is good until September 30, 2022. 

2. The member can do any and all rooms as many times as you want during your membership period (at least $120 value if you only do all 4 current rooms one time each). NOTE: the "Kids room" is not part of the membership package.

3. All other Escape Corvallis booking requirements must be followed. For example, you still must meet minimum required number of people for a given room. And all bookings are still private, meaning you cannot join random groups as a single player.

4. Must book and pay in advance, the same as all other customers.

5. When you show up for your room, we will verify that it really is you, as we will have a head shot of you in our computer database. (This is to prevent misuse of your account. After a while, we will likely know you by sight anyway.) After verification, then we will refund you the fee you paid for that room. (Refunds are *usually* done once every 2 weeks, but it could take me up to 30 days - your patience and understanding is appreciated.)

6. Additional benefits to membership:

  • You will receive an Escape Corvallis reusable tote bag ($10 value)
  • You will receive discount vouchers/coupons for various local businesses that Escape Corvallis has partnered with. These vouchers/coupons will be for a one-time use, unless specified otherwise, and must be surrendered to the given business upon their use. These vouchers/coupons have no cash value and are not replaceable if lost or stolen. (at least a $75 value)
  • Throughout the year, there will be various “members only” events, available on a sign up basis, that members may attend. Some will be for the member only, some may allow the member to bring a guest. 
  • Once a year, on your birthday (or the day closest to your birthday where we have regular operating hours (currently Thurs-Sun), you receive these additional perks: 

                        - 3 guest passes, for free admission to the room of your choosing for those 3 people; (at least an $81 value)

                        - Exclusive bookingof a room of your choice

                        - bottle of wine, if you are 21 or over and would like alcohol. For those under 21, or those who do not wish to receive alcohol, we will provide a bottle of alcohol-free sparkling cider or similar; (approximately $20 value)

7. The membership and its benefits are non-transferable and non-refundable, and have no cash value aside from the benefits described herein.

 8. The benefits of membership may not be combined with any other discount(s) that Escape Corvallis may offer throughout the year.

9. Anyone who tries to have someone else use their account, or who in any way tries to misuse or misapply their discount will have their membership terminated, with no refund for any unused portion of the membership, and will not receive any further perks, discounts, vouchers, etc. And we will create a "Wall of Shame" where you will be prominently displayed so that others may ostracize you. 

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