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Escape the Museum Information

​​Join us for a truly unique evening! You and your group (up to 5 people) will spend an evening at the beautiful new Benton Museum in downtown Corvallis on a part-scavenger hunt, part-escape room. We promise lots of fun while you solve the puzzles and mysteries, and after you do, join us for a celebration in the Museum event space. We will provide a swag bag (which includes, among many other things, a voucher for a free, year-long Museum membership), drinks, hors d'oeuvres and other treats, and lots of games. To cap off the evening, everyone will be entered in a raffle where we have superb prizes from our generous local businesses, including Block15, The Cycle Lab Corvallis, Conundrum House, Penny Bites, The Clay Cat, and others to come! This will be the highlight of your fall calendar, and is limited tojust 25 groups, so sign up TODAY!


1. An incredibly fun evening in a unique location (priceless!)

2. Drinks, hors d'oeuvres/snacks and dessert ($20+ value)

3. A reusable Escape Corvallis tote bag ($6 value) AND an Escape Corvallis coffee mug ($10 value)

4. A voucher for a free year's membership at the Benton Museum ($35 value)

5. A concessions voucher at the Darkside Cinema ($10 value)

So for those who are mathematically challenged, the giveaways alone cover the cost of admission! But wait...there's more!

6. Multiple entries for our raffle, which has the following prizes (so far):

​    - Gift card for Block 15 ($40 value)

    - 3-class pass at Cycle Lab Corvallis ($75 value)

    - Year-long membership to Conundrum House ($60 value)

    - Gift basket from Penny Bites ($50 value)

    - Jewelry gift basket from The Clay Cat, handmade in Albany ($50 value)

    - Year-long Escape Corvallis Escape Club membership (up to $350 value)

We've heard some of you say you'd like to go, but would like a less expensive option. Well, never let it said that I don't (eventually) learn - we are now offering the Museum event for $40 per person (adult or kid) and this will include the scavenger hunt/escape room event AND the after party. However, please note it WILL NOT INCLUDE the swag bag (meaning no bag, mug, Darkside voucher or Museum membership), NOR will it include any raffle tickets for the giveaways. But you'll still get to explore the Museum in a very fun setting, and you'll get the food and drinks afterward, as well the chance to hang out and play games, etc.

For EITHER option, go to our website Reservations page, choose "Special Tours" then choose your preferred time (If a slot says "FULL", that means no more availability for that time). If you want the "basic" option, please understand that I can't set 2 different prices for the event (long complicated story which partly involves a small degree of tech idiocy on my part). So, book it for the full price, but then email me at and tell me you want the basic package, and I will refund you the $35 difference (within a day at the most, I promise!).

And a quick reminder to all the Escape Corvallis Escape Club members - you get $25 off your entry as well as everyone in your group for this special event (including kids!) - BUT this discount only applies to regular bookings (i.e. not for the stripped-down basic entry). Again, book it at regular price, then email me to remind you are an ECEC member, and I'll refund the difference. 

​Steps to Book:

1. Go to our Reservations page

2. Click on the white SPECIAL TOURS button (next to the red Experiences button)

3. You will then see a page with all the available time slots for the night of Nov 18. 

4. Click the Info button so you get the basic description as well as the Rules unique to this event/environment.

5. Then click the Book button, and from there it will be just like any other booking (enter names, make payment, etc) 

6. Show up on the 18th and HAVE FUN!

See you on the 18th!