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1. What are the requirements to take part in Escape Corvallis?
Only those who like to have fun can take part. (Those who don't like to have fun should sign up for the new course offered through Parks and Rec called, "Shaving My Head with a Cheese Grater While Chewing Tinfoil".) Escape rooms are great for birthday celebrations, team building, girls night out, family time - or for no reason at all other than you want a unique and memorable thing to do. And as we now offer a room specifically designed for kids (aged 6-10), we can offer something entertaining and interesting to those from 6 to 106! Kids between 10 and 14 are welcome in our 'adult rooms' with at least one paid and attending adult in the room. Price per person is the same for kids and adults (except the Kids room, which has special pricing).

1A. What about kids? 
You've asked for it for years, and we have finally listened! (Who says we're slow on the uptake?) We have now opened the first escape room designed for kids aged 6-10! The puzzles and challenges are simpler and geared toward where kids are, developmentally speaking. The escape room portion should take about 30 minutes, and after they solve the final puzzle (and don't worry, we'll see to it that they do!) it will reveal a second "party room". This room will have tables and chairs for having a celebration (for example, a birthday party), along with games appropriate for this age group. In addition, we have an LED projector and you will be able to re-watch your escape room performance from just prior, if you'd like. Or you could stream your child's favorite show, movie or YouTube videos. Or keep it "in the now" and just let them play games with each other - ya know, socially interact... 

At least one parent will be required to be in the room AT ALL TIMES with the group of kids. While we will likely have a dedicated staff member in the room as well, this does not count toward your direct parental supervision. This is for a few reasons, including: 1) you know your kids, and know how to redirect them if they are becoming "challenging"; 2) you also know how to calm your kids if they are getting anxious, etc; 3) we are not providing a daycare service (quite frankly, if we were, we'd charge four times the rate! ;-)

As for very young kids (under 6) and infants, we STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST this. They won't get the puzzles, they will get bored, they could easily get hurt (or hurt the room/props), they will distract the parent(s) from keeping watch on the other kids, and they can interfere with the overall experience of the rest of the group. So please leave those under age 6 at home or with someone responsible. Or give them a wad of cash and send them to the nearest Starbucks. Who are we to judge your parenting style?

2. What are the time requirements? 
We ask that you show up 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your game. This allows time for waivers to be filled out, instructions to be given, and neurons to be roused from slumber. The game itself will take 60 minutes (unless you are amazing and escape sooner...), and then there's usually 5-10 minutes or so at the end for 'debriefing', discussing what puzzles may have stumped you, and generally basking in your intellectual awesomeness. Be aware that if you are late, then that time may come off of your total time in the room (especially if we have a follow-up room right after yours). This will be at the discretion of the Escape Master.

3. What happens if we can't solve some of the puzzles? 
You will be mocked endlessly by friends and family. People will point at you on the street. Your life insurance premiums will likely increase. But because we care so much, the Escape Master will be monitoring and can offer hints if you're truly stuck, to help you avoid such a fate. Every group gets 3 hints if needed. After that, further hints are at the discretion of the Escape Master.

4. We can't make it on the day and time I booked a reservation. What now? 
Sorry, but there are no refunds for cancellations or no-shows. If you believe you have some extenuating circumstances, you will need to contact to plead your case. (You will get much farther if you don't approach that request with a sense of righteous entitlement. Just sayin'. ;-)

5. How many people should be in my group? 
We require at least 4 people to run the Happy Hour room (because your group is split into 2 groups at the start, in 2 different rooms), and at least 2 people for the Spy's Safehouse, Got Brains? and REC rooms. Please note that the Spy room would be VERY difficult for just 2 people, and the REC room would be EXTREMELY difficult for just 2 people. Not saying you shouldn't try either of them, but just keep in mind those rooms were designed for 4-8 people... All rooms give you one hour to solve the challenges and escape.

Our new kids room is designed for groups of 4-8 kids (age 6-10), and AT LEAST one adult in the room with them. 

6. Are there bathrooms? 
Yes, we have one bathroom at each end of our facility.

7. Is the facility ADA accessible? 
Yes, in terms of door widths, hallway widths, etc. However, the location (301 SW 4th St, Suite 280, Corvallis) does not have an elevator, and there are 16 steps to the 2nd floor, where we are located. Also, not all puzzles / challenges / parts of rooms would necessarily be accessible to someone in a wheelchair or with other disabilities. 

8. Do you offer gift cards or vouchers?
We do! And our gift vouchers are the perfect way to say, "I'd like to lock you away for an hour or so!" Click here to purchase a voucher. (Scroll down to where you see the "Gift Vouchers" icon)

9. Will there be other people in the room with my group? 
Not any more! (Thank you very much, Covid-19...) All bookings are private, and once a room is booked, it closes to further bookings. So PLEASE try to have your whole group accounted for when you make your booking. But if other friends and family heard about this awesome thing you're about to do and now want to join in, who can blame them? You can add people the "day of" as we take credit cards (and cash) on site. 

10. Do you take 'walk-ins'? 
Generally yes, but as rooms are sometimes booked days in advance, if you have your mind set on a particular time and room, then reserve your spot. But if you're out and about and you see us and think, "I have always wanted to try an escape room!", then come up and talk to us. We might be able to fit you in. You'll need exact cash OR a credit card to pay on site.

11. Are we really locked in a room? Is that even safe? 
Good question. The door is closed during your game but if you need to get out, or want to get out, or have to get out, you can do so easily.

12. We have a group that wants to do a room outside the times offered. Is that possible? 
Yes, almost definitely. We have bright-eyed and bushy-tailed staff who eagerly want more rooms to work! Contact us at and we can likely work out your custom room. 

13. We have a group of 25 - can we all fit in one space? 
In a school bus, yes. In our escape rooms, not so much. The rooms as currently configured can handle anywhere from 6 - 12 people each (depending on the room), for a total of 34-36 in our 'regular' rooms, and another 6-8 in our kids room, as of August 2023. We can run all rooms essentially at once. But talk to us, we're happy to work with your larger group and make it happen!

14. Do you offer times for companies to bring a group of co-workers, kind of like a team building thing? 
Funny you should ask, since we do offer that. Although this is way more fun than your typical team-building activity! Email us at and we can make it happen!

15. What about this virus thingy I've kinda heard of...???
Once upon a time, the people frolicked. They laughed, they sang, they coughed, they sneezed. Some possibly ate bats. Then a virus was unleashed upon the people. It was scary. We knew not how it worked, nor what it wanted from us. Was it going to kill us, like Ebola? Was it going to stay with us forever and be a constant nuisance, like adult kids that won't move out? The world responded, with unity (not really), and with commitment (definitely not), armed with facts and data (meh, sometimes...). Hygiene theater was instituted, plexiglass manufacturers got fat and happy, and billions of pounds of extra plastic and medical waste has been generated. And in the end, we have (kinda) returned to frolicking.

In the interest of keeping it that way, we ask that you exercise a *tiny* bit of common sense, and stay home if you're sick. Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze. And for all that is holy, DON'T LAUGH OR SING! EVER! (just kidding)

Okay, for reals - the virus is real. It can be REALLY bad (i.e. deadly) for some people. Likely some people you know. Maybe even people you care about. And the vaccines are real, and effective, and safe. If you haven't gotten it yet, put aside your tribal identity, put aside your fear of needles, put aside the info you got on Facebook from a guy who saw something really bad happen one time when someone was near someone who once got vaccinated, and consider your responsibility to your family, your friends, your community. And if those arguments don't sway you, well, then I guess we're worse off in this country than I thought... As for masks, we no longer require them in the building, but you are ABSOLUTELY more than welcome to wear yours. You will likely see some of our staff continue to wear theirs, and they are cool as cucumbers, so you never need to feel like the weird kid if you wear your mask at Escape Corvallis.

16. Hey, I've looked everywhere for a phone number for Escape Corvallis - how come I can't find that?
That's because A) we here at Escape Corvallis absolutely HATE the phone; B) we all (sadly) have day jobs so can't be interrupted with phone calls during the day anyway; C) what is said on a phone call can often (and quickly) be forgotten, whereas an email thread leaves me a digital trail so I don't get lost; and D) most importantly, every reasonable question you could have about how Escape Corvallis works is answered right here on this very FAQ page. Believe me, I had a phone number for the first 6 months or so I was in business, and here were typical calls:

Caller 1: What days and times do you offer rooms?
Me: Well, as it states on the website, the rooms are...

Caller 2: How much does it cost?
Me: Well, as it says on the website, the price is...

Caller 3: How many people can your rooms hold?
Me: Well, as it states on the website, the rooms hold....

Caller 4: Are kids allowed?
Me: Well, as it states on the website, we really recommend...

So while it might be a slight inconvenience for you to read the FAQs and have your questions addressed, it is a GIANT pain in the gluteal region for us to try and field phone calls. If you have a question that hasn't been addressed here, then shoot us an email at, and we'll get back to you ASAP! (And maybe you will contribute to a FAQ page update!) Thanks for your understanding! ;-)