Escape Corvallis

1. What are the requirements to take part in Escape Corvallis?

Anyone who likes a challenge can take part, although the challenges would likely be too frustrating or inappropriate for children under 12. Kids between 10 and 17 are welcome with at least one paid and attending adult in the room. (We are not daycare!) Price per person is the same for kids and adults.

We have recently revised our age limits, and will allow kids as young as 10 into the escape rooms. Having said that, you should note that none of our puzzles or challenges are designed with young kids in mind. In our experience, younger kids (under 14 or so) don't have the focus and ability to put together the (often abstract) layers and parts of a puzzle or challenge to understand and solve it. This frustrates them, and then ultimately frustrates you, the parent. 

In addition, kids can sometimes be not-so-careful with things (shocking, I know!), and really bad at following directions, especially those related to safety (again, I can hear the gasps of disbelief...). Any props or materials broken by an "overeager" kid (of any age!) will be the financial responsibility of the adult supervising them.

Lastly, as for very young kids and infants, we STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST this. They won't get the puzzles, they could easily get hurt (or hurt the room/props), and they can interfere with the overall experience of the others in the room with you. However, if you want to bring a young child, then we require that you book the room as a "Private Event" (so that only your group is in the room).

2. What are the time requirements? 

We ask that you show up 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your game. This allows time for waivers to be filled out, instructions to be given, and neurons to be roused from slumber. The game itself will take 60 minutes (unless you are amazing and escape sooner...), and then there's usually 5-10 minutes or so at the end for 'debriefing', discussing what puzzles may have stumped you, and generally basking in your intellectual awesomeness. Be aware that if you are late, you may not be admitted to the room. And if you have booked a room for just your group, and your group is late, then that time may come off of your total time in the room (especially if we have a follow-up room right after yours).

3. What happens if we can't solve some of the puzzles? 

The Escape Master will be monitoring and can offer hints if you're truly stuck. Every group gets 3 hints if needed. After that, further hints are at the discretion of the Escape Master.

4. I can't make it on the day and time I booked a reservation. What now? 

Sorry, but there are no refunds for cancellations or no-shows. Occasionally, under exceptional circumstances, we will allow a group to re-book within 30 days if they are unable to make their scheduled booking. You will need to contact

5. How many people should be in my group? 

We require at least 4 people to run a room. When you make a booking, if there are less than 4 people in your group (or if there are less than 4 people signed up for a given time), then your booking is TENTATIVE. This means it is not confirmed. Which means you are NOT actually booked yet in that day/time. Please do NOT show up for your room until your booking is confirmed. You will know it is confirmed because you will have actually paid for your booking. The way to avoid this whole confusing mess is to book your group of at least 4 at the same time.

5A. What's with the 4 person minimum?

Two reasons on why we require at least 4 people: A) the sheer number of challenges / puzzles means that a very small group has no chance of succeeding (escaping). Now, while you may not necessarily be so "goal-oriented" (and I admire your desire to just "be in the moment"), it does mean that you will not get an accurate representation of the room. And the room will not nearly be as fun. (In fact, it would likely be a frustrating experience.) And that leads to reviews/word-of-mouth that are less than fair (given that the room was not designed or intended for very small groups). B) for whatever reasons, people in general seem loathe to join a group of people they don't know. Which means if your group of 2 books a room designed for up to 10, the odds are that no other group will book in that same time slot. And I hate to sound so crass and business-y, but I *do need to make this a financially viable enterprise, for both myself and my staff.

6. Are there bathrooms? 

Yes, we have one bathroom. 

7. Is the facility ADA accessible? 

Yes, in terms of door widths, hallway widths, etc. However, the new location (301 SW 4th St, Suite 280, Corvallis) does not have an elevator, and there are about a dozen steps to the 2nd floor, where we are located. Also, not all puzzles / challenges would necessarily be accessible to someone in a wheelchair or with other disabilities. 

8. Will there be other people in the room with my group? 

Maybe, as we try to fill the room when possible. If you want to guarantee that only your group has the room, then book the entire room using the "Private Event" option. However, it can also be fun to work with people you don't know, as they will bring different strengths to the puzzles.

9. Do you take 'walk-ins'? 

Generally no, because rooms are typically booked days (or sometimes weeks) in advance. Plus, I have to plan staffing in advance, and I don't have staff just sitting there hoping folks will show up if there are no bookings. And last, we're not set up for point-of-sale purchases. But if you have exact cash, or a check (made to "Escape Corvallis"), and there's space in a given room, then we'll happily let you join!

10. Are we really locked in a room? Is that even safe? 

Good question. The door is closed during your game but if you need to get out, or want to get out, the doors are not locked from the inside.

11. We have a group that wants to do a room outside the times offered. Is that possible? 

Yes, almost definitely. We have bright-eyed and bushy-tailed staff who eagerly want more rooms to work! Contact us at and we can likely work out your custom room. 

12. We have a group of 25 - can we all fit? 

In a school bus, yes. In our escape rooms, not so much. The rooms as currently configured can handle up to 8 or 10 people each (depending on the room). But 2 more rooms are on the way. And in our new location (301 SW 4th St, Suite 280, Corvallis), we will have the ability to run multiple rooms at once. So all this is a long way of saying - a large group cannot all do the same room, but we will be able to split you up into smaller groups and run your rooms almost simultaneously. As of March 2019, we can take 18 people at one time.

13. Do you offer times for companies to bring a group of co-workers, kind of like a team building thing? 

Funny you should ask, since we do offer that. Although this is way more fun than your typical team-building activity! Click here.

14. Hey, I've looked everywhere for a phone number for Escape Corvallis - how come I can't find that?

That's because A) we here at Escape Corvallis absolutely HATE the phone; B) we all (sadly) have day jobs so can't be interrupted with phone calls during the day anyway; and C) most importantly, every reasonable question you could have about how Escape Corvallis works is answered right here on this very FAQ page. Believe me, I had a phone number for the first 6 months or so I was in business, and here were typical calls:

Caller 1: What days and times do you offer rooms?

Me: Well, as it states on the website, the rooms are...

Caller 2: How much does it cost?

Me: Well as it says on the website, the price is...

Caller 3: How many people can your rooms hold?

Me: Well, as it states on the website, the rooms hold....

Caller 4: Are kids allowed?

Me: Well, as it states on the website, we really recommend...

So while it might be a slight inconvenience for you to read the FAQs and have your questions addressed, it is a GIANT pain in the gluteal region for us to try and field phone calls. Thanks for your understanding! ;-)