This is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite mindf*** movies. (As an aside, I tried to find a better way to describe how this movie intentionally manipulates or confuses the lead character, but mindf*** seems to be the only one-word descriptor for such a thing. Go figure.) Sean Penn’s carefree screw up gives a gift to his older, sterner, conservative brother (Michael Douglas), and then the games really begin. Seriously, if you’ve not seen it, and if you like the idea of not knowing which end is up, watch this movie!

These first two movies are not necessarily Oscar-caliber, but they do provide some interesting surprises. But we here at Escape Corvallis want you to know that under no circumstances have we ever ​considered killing any of our customers. Promise.

When you can't physically come to Escape Corvallis, but are still jonesing for some devious puzzles and challenges.

Way back, when Apple’s GUI was crushing it, Myst was like Zork done with 3D-rendering. (If that was not a trifecta of dork references, then I don’t know my Kajagoogoo from my Bananarama) For all you norms, Myst was a great, gentle video game from the early 1990s. I didn’t know it then, but as I look back, I realize that it was definitely formative to the budding escape room designer within. If I had Bezos money (hell, if I even had 10% of the money of one of Bezos’s loafers), I would design an escape room “island”, inspired by Myst, Lost and The Game….you may think I’m kidding, but if any of you have a spare $200 million or so, get in touch. We could make the ultimate immersive, escape experience/vacation/challenge!

What starts out as a standard thriller throws in some clever puzzles and twists. And it has Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker, because that’s a pairing that makes perfect sense.

Looking for something to tide you over until you can come visit us in person? Or are you more of the fanatical, must-completely-immerse-myself-in-something type? Either way, we've got you covered here at Escape Corvallis. The items we list below are things that we have used, read, watched, played or in some way formed a deep, lasting and personal connection with.

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A really well done mystery involving devious puzzles, high level mathematics and walls that will squeeze you to death. And you thought Escape Corvallis rooms were hard!

OK, the series finale *may* piss some of you off, but the series can definitely be an inspiration to escape room designers. But even if it weren’t for that, it’s an overall great piece of storytelling and an absolutely amazing editing job. The complexity of the overall set designs is also something to behold.

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Yeah, yeah, not even I can fabricate a way that this movie ties in to escape rooms. But something about the constant puzzles and challenges appeals to my devious escape master side…