60 Minutes
4-8 Players

43% Success Rate43% Success Rate
47:00 Fastest Escape
57:35 Avg Escape Time
60 Minutes
4-10 Players

86% Success Rate 86% Success Rate
39:00 Fastest Escape
51:09 Avg Escape Time


There's been a zombie outbreak. You have 60 minutes to figure out how to get to the vaccine and save your group. If you're too slow, then it's a brain-eating life for you! But the scientists who made the vaccine did not make it easy...mwah-ha-ha (cue creepy music...)

Ch-ch-ch-changes... (As of April 2019)

Exciting news here at Escape Corvallis. Please read on...

1) We have a "new" room opening on April 26, 2019. Please note that this is a "slimmed down" and slightly revamped version of the "Dialed In" room. This was the first room I opened, in October 2016, and it ran until Sept 2017. So if you did that room and have a very good memory, you will likely feel emotionally unfulfilled if you do the "new" Dialed In. However, if your memory is more akin to that of a goldfish ("Oh look, there's a castle!"), or if you want to appear to be super-smart to your friends, then by all means, come on out! The real reasons I'm bringing this room back for a limited run are: a) I wanted to offer another room option for folks who've done the Spy and Brains rooms while I work on the all-new Steampunk-themed room; b) I've had so many requests for a smaller, shorter room (for groups as small as 2) that I think this room can fill that need. The room is perfect for small groups, for those new to escape rooms, for those with limited time, and for those looking to spend a little less. 

2) We are also trying out a change to our pricing structure. Weekday (Mon-Thu) evening rooms (from 5:30pm on) will be a few bucks cheaper than weekend rooms. Apparently there is a concept in economics known as "supply and demand"...hunh, who knew?

3) We are eliminating the "Private Event" booking option. This does not mean that you cannot book the whole room for you and your group of happy sleuths. But that option on the booking program has been creating all sorts of problems on the "back end" - meaning we've had some instances where a group that booked a "Private Event" still had...gasp​...strangers join their group! After a lot of investigation, the only guaranteed way to eliminate this problem is to eliminate that option (since it turned out to be sort of a false promise). If you want to ensure a private event, then just go ahead and book the whole room for your group - and that will definitely guarantee a private event. 

Escape Corvallis

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Need something different to do with your friends? Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday or other milestone? Tired of the same-old date night? Have a girl's night out coming up? Escape Corvallis provides an out-of-the-ordinary experience with lateral thinking, immersive puzzles and a whole lot of fun. See if your team can figure out the challenges in time to escape!

Booking on your birthday??

We are now offering a free Escape Corvallis t-shirt to anyone who is doing the escape room on their birthday! Simply tell our happy staff member when you come in that it's your birthday, show some sort of proof, and the awesome shirt (on the left) is yours! Our little way of saying 'thanks' to all those who come to Escape Corvallis to celebrate part of their special day!


You and your fellow agents have infiltrated the safehouse of an infamous Russian spy. You have 60 minutes to find the USB drive that will save American democracy - but beware, this spy is crafty, and nothing is as it appears in this room!


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