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Reservations / Bookings Process

IMPORTANT: As of March 11, 2022, masks will no longer be required! Yaaaaayyyy! You are welcome to continue wearing yours, and some of our staff may also continue to wear theirs.


​Click on the "Gift Vouchers" button 


​Click on the "Membership" button that is right next to the "Gift Vouchers" button below.


1. If you have a Promo code, discount code, or Voucher code, click the "Enter Code" button to enter it. Please note, THERE  IS NO COMBINING DISCOUNTS, COUPONS, SPECIAL OFFERS, ETC. ONE DISCOUNT/COUPON PER PERSON OR PER GROUP (AS APPLICABLE).

2. Choose the date by clicking the "Pick Date" button

3. Select the room you want to do, then select the number of people from the box that pops up. Even though it will only ask for number of Adults, this includes kids aged 10-18, so include them in your total. There are no "free" spots in the rooms, sorry...

3A. If you'd like to buy a super cool, super comfortable Escape Corvallis t-shirt (at a discount, no less!), you can now choose this option when you are booking the room. (They are $8 each online, $10 each in person) 

3B. If you're booking a 'regular' room (i.e. anything but the Kids room), and you'd like to add one hour in the game / party room for after your escape room, select that option when booking. (This is a flat fee of $50 for your whole group.) 

4. Follow the remaining steps to finish your booking. If you don't have the full or correct names of all of your group at the time of booking, don't sweat it. Those boxes are just placeholders, so you can put any name or letter in there. 

5. Keep in mind, if you don't receive an email message indicating you are booked, they you are not actually booked! I know this sounds incredibly silly, but every now and then we get someone who shows up thinking that just because they clicked on a day and time, they are "booked". Please don't show up expecting to do a room UNLESS your booking is confirmed...

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