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Life in an office is hard. 

 There's the guy who actually microwaves fish at least once a week for lunch. The person who shows their commitment to being eco-conscious and planet-friendly by not having purchased or used deodorant in years. The woman who overshares about the way her adorable little boys use words like "sammich" and "pasketti". And the guy who seems to intuit when you have a deadline just hours away, and chooses that day to come talk with you about his idea for how the company could really streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Things are even worse in the places that have the dreaded 'open floor plan'. Nowhere to hide from Kale Boy, extolling the virtues of his baby-vomit colored smoothies; or the hipster who, in between waxing his ironic moustache, 'thinks' best by attempting to play the extended drum solo from the live version of YYZ by Rush with pencils on his desk; or the woman who seems to think we all want to see her tortilla-chip-like toenails and crocodilian feet in her new sandals.

And then you're expected to participate in some sort of boring team building exercise every quarter with these folks?

I don't think so.

This is where we at Escape Corvallis can help. Your group will be so engaged and challenged by our devious puzzles that there won't be any time for their hijinks. Who knows, you might discover that some of your co-workers are not brain-dead cretins, despite what you're always saying to your friends.

Here's how it works:

1. We will now offer daytime slots for your work group. Sessions can begin as early as 9 am, and the last session can start as late as 4 pm. Mondays and Tuesdays are the easiest for us to schedule, but email us and we can probably work something out.

 2. If you have more than 8 people, then split into two (or more) groups, and each group can escape the room and see who has the best time. We now have the ability to run rooms (almost) simultaneously, and as of November 2020 can take up to 30 folks at once. 

3. Contact us at to discuss a day and time you want to bring your group. You won't see any daytime slots on the reservation page, as these will all be custom time slots, suited to your needs and schedule.

4. Pricing is $25 pp for the REC, Spy and Brains rooms, $17 pp for the Dialed In room, with a one hour time limit (40 minutes for the Dialed In room).

5. All you need to do on the day of, is guide your group to 301 SW 4th St, Suite 280, Corvallis, and we'll take care of the rest.