We live in a world of lawyers and litigiousness, and we thank our NSA overlords for it each and every day.

As part of our homage to the above, we are required to have you fill out a waiver. Because, you know, your brain could explode from all the thinking, or from all the fun you'll have at Escape Corvallis.

We use digital waivers at the office when you show up (because we're fancy like that), but if you want to preview what you will be signing, you can click on the link to the right. It's a PDF, but no need to print it - we will still have you do the digital one anyway. But this way, you can obsess over all the rights and privileges you are signing away. Even though, ultimately, it's all fairly meaningless. I'm referring to the whole concept of a waiver, because this is 'Merica! And if you want to sue some one, by gosh, you can do it! 


Escape Corvallis