Jessica is our newest staff member, and we are all thrilled to have someone that will do things that the rest of us don't like doing. Like briefing rooms. And running rooms. And resetting the rooms - we really hate that part! In fact, we pretty much just don't like working, so Jessica is likely the only person you will see from here on out. 

Julie has about 153 times more experience than the rest of us put together, so we are all eagerly hoping that she will show us how things should be done from here on out. A bonus is that she has a passion for working with animals, so we're considering adding a petting zoo that will be available to groups that escape their room. It will only consist of goats and capybaras though, as they help Julie run rooms.

Karli is the younger sister of Karma, as Mike is now contractually obligated to employ the entire family in one form or another. Karli is giving Karma a run for being the nicest person in Corvallis, but there was that one time in 2013 when she forgot to say "thank you" to someone at Safeway, so she has a lot of catching up to do! We look forward to having her around for many years - or until she joins a traveling circus. 

Elizabeth comes to Escape Corvallis via the wilds of Alaska, where she has spent the last 12 years hunting yeti with her bare hands, making her own soap with lye and rendered animal fat, and building classic log cabins made with trees that she harvested by karate-chopping them down. 

Karma was with us for a couple years, then foolishly decided to join a traveling circus as a fire-eater. When that didn't work out the way she'd hoped, she came PLEADING to me, "Please let me work at Escape Corvallis again! I don't know what I was thinking! And I'm tired of burping flames!" Not only did we graciously take her back, we made her the manager because Mike can barely keep track of how pants work these days. So when you email us with those fantastic and challenging questions, it will almost certainly be Karma who replies from here on out. Which means the responses should hopefully make sense...

Anna has been the behind-the-scenes driving force behind EC for a few years. She is the muse behind such great puzzles as the one with the hidden thing that opens up that other thing, as well as that weird set of symbols that somehow gave the answer to that weird number lock. You remember...? That thing that Becky eventually figured out and we were all like, "Ohmigawd, Becky, how did you come up with that?" And she agreed to become the wife of Mike, so she's now obligated to help with all this craziness…

Mike got into the escape room business after doing his first escape room on the east coast with family members. And back there, they don't mess around - if you don't escape, you're left in the room as a warning to others. As Mike says, "something about locking people in a room and taking their money just *really* appealed to me." Taking pride in designing all his own props and puzzles, he has come to realize that maybe this is why he has so few friends. He hopes to be creating fun, challenging rooms for years to come. Unless Anna kills him first.

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